L. Marie LLC


I work with authentic, brave, caring individuals and organizations on extraordinary,
life-affirming missions to lift others and themselves.

You know that your leadership, voice, and story move generations.

You also know that you could be more candid, courageous, and creative in your influence.

Through coaching, communications, and publishing, I help you enlarge your message,
share it more persuasively, and touch more lives.



You can handle thought-provoking conversations. In fact, you insist on them. You never shy away from an opportunity to become sharper, stronger, wiser.


You work with remarkably talented people, and sometimes you want to equip them with unique motivation and training to move your mission forward, faster.


Your thought leadership is sharpened by real challenges, experiences, successes, and yes, real failures. You’ve learned a lot. What if it’s time to broaden your impact through publication?

L. Marie

If you’re the kind of person who inspires and moves others
with your leadership, voice, and story, but you believe you can be more courageous, candid, and creative about it, I’d love to connect with you!